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Did you know the benefit of Pilates are often covered by insurance?

The remarkable health benefits of Pilates are so widely recognized, they’re often covered by insurance. That’s because Pilates offers a revolutionary approach to strengthening your body that helps to alleviate chronic pain, safely recover from injury, and increase overall wellness in a guided manner that gradually increases in intensity.


Pilates is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, including new mothers and mothers-to-be. Through one-on-one instruction in a relaxed environment, our expert instructors will help you improve your balance and flexibility, correct muscle imbalances, and strengthen your core strength — all without putting excess stress on your joints.

Pilates For Adults

Pilates is the ultimate balanced workout. Unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates doesn’t over develop some parts of your body while neglecting others.


Through Pilates, our instructors will help you to tone your physique, improve your posture, and reduce or even eliminate the back and neck pain so many adults deal with.


Pilates For Mothers

For new and expecting mothers looking for a safe way to maintain fitness, Pilates is the answer. It’s designed around eight Core Principles which make it ideal for new mothers.


During pregnancy, Pilates improves core strength, balance, and spatial awareness, which helps prevent falls and injuries pregnant women are more likely to have due to weight gain.


After delivery, Pilates tones your muscles, helping you to safely regain your strength and lose baby weight.

Pilates For Kids

Pilates training is an investment in your child’s future, with benefits that last into adulthood. It helps any child learn to move gracefully and efficiently, using their body without over-stressing their joints. This helps prevent injuries, which is especially important to young athletes.


Pilates also provides effective treatment for age related spinal misalignment that can lead to poor posture, which is of special importance to children developing Scoliosis.

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