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Pediatric Occupational Therapy : Give Your Child a Boost

Boost Your Child’s Life Skills

Every child develops at his or her own pace and it’s not unusual for a child to show developmental delays in one or more areas. Pediatric Occupational Therapy can improve the way child perform every day activities – from personal self-care and school activities to playing at recess.

What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy focuses on all of your daily occupations—meaningful everyday activities. Everyone has daily occupations and they are unique. Children have occupations too (aka activities) like playing, learning, self-care, and more. Occupational Therapy for children is designed to help children develop the skills that they need for everyday life. Your child may need a boost in various basic life skills such as basic grooming skills like brushing teeth, playing with other children or school-related tasks like holding a pencil or using scissors — that’s what occupational therapy is all about — helping a child to be more independent.

Causes & How Important Is This?

Challenges may be due to developmental delay, learning disabilities, autism, injuries, or any other condition that affects a child’s growth and development. Often, a child who seems to be delayed in certain skills will eventually catch up on his or her own; however, when progress isn’t being seen, there may be underlying issues preventing the child from learning certain skills — the classroom or home setting may simply not be enough to help your child get past some milestones — there are a number of reasons this can happen (e.g., one on one may just be better than group learning or perhaps your child needs to improve strength for certain activities). Our OT Practitioners are trained to assist children who are having challenges with participating in daily activities. The services we offer focus on developing fine motor skills, school readiness, oral-motor skills, self-feeding skills, sensory awareness, social/play skills, self-care and much more.

Bright Stars OT Team

At Bright Star, our Occupational Therapy Practitioners are dedicated to you and your loved one’s needs, working hands-on, to ensure that you or your family get the best results possible. Our team is highly knowledgeable and professionally trained to evaluate and treat you accordingly to your diagnosis. Book an appointment today! We have 3 locations in the San Fernando Valley — Woodland Hills, CA & Valley Village / North Hollywood & Beverly Hills. Call our office today for a free consultation (818)343-3900. You can also visit our website at

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